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Clinic Prophy Brush

Clinic Prophy Brush

Polishing brush

Dental polishing brush is a kind of Prophylaxe brush /Prophy brush. We adopt different materials to provide smooth surface of your workpieces. Hard nylon polishing brushes, bristle polishing brushes are a little hard and work efficiently. Polishing brushes with white goat hair or fine nylon is soft for final prophylaxe or finishing.

R4 series is polishing brushes / dental brushes in CUP shape;

R5 Series is polishing brushes is Pen shape.

R7 Series is polishing brushes in pen shape with sharp point, which can polish teeth intervals etc.

R1 Series of polishing brushes is for plain wheel shape for polishing teeth surface.

All these polishing brushes or dental brushes should be sterilized before working in patient's mouth.