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Amalgam or Metal Polishing Kit

  • Product Code: 4114A



    12 pieces RA rubber polishers assorted.

    Used for Smooth and polish Amalgam Meta or Alloy. Fast working on initial to finally polishing.


    1.Fit on Low speed RA/CA handpieces.

    2 Use force by naturally. don't use too much force.

    3. Do not need any polishing paste, Direct touch to workpieces and polish sightly.

    4. Suggested speed. 10 000-12. 000 rpm. Must run within this speed.

    5. Step

        Step 1. Biack rubber polishers 4 pieces. Smoothing or pre-polishing.

        Step 2: Brown rubber polishers 4 pieces. Polishing fast and observe the surface of workpieces.

        Step 3, Grey Rubber polishers 4 pieces, Final polishing to create mirror surface.