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Cavity Preparation

  • Product Code: 4103A



    12 pleces FG Diamond buls assorted

    Used for Cavity Preparation, Whatever Tiny hole or big

    Cavity, you can find the suitabie diamond burs in this kit

    Smart!y work from Grinding, Contouring to polishing


    1. Fil on Hign speed FG handpieces

    2. Use force by naturally don' t use too much force

    3. Do not need any polishing paste, Direct touch to workpieces and polish sight

    4 Must run within the following suggested speed

    5. Step

        Step 1 Expand the Entrance by grind the tooth decay by br-45 br-40 etc, According to the different size choose the suitabie round burs

        Step 2: Removal of caries-bad dentin by ex-21 TF20 etc

        Step 3, Design and prepare the cavity shape so that it has the best retention and resistance by sl-48. sf-41 etc

        Step 4. Double check, Repair, Cleaning ot the nest of cavity