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Composite Polisher

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Spiral Cycle Composite Polisher are constructed from polyurethane with interspersed diamond grit, they have exquisite flexibility and unparalleled polishing ability.

Innovative design - like legs with flexed feet - provides exceptional access to otherwise inaccessible grooves and embrasures. Additionally, they don’t need to be used in any one direction to produce optimal results. The polishers achieve a brilliant finished surface quality on both anterior and posterior composites.

With a highly durable construction that enables them to be autoclavable, sterilized and used multiple times.

with 1.4 mm head size, RA/CA Shank for low speed.

Designed for optimal adaptation to any surface, including difficult to reach areas. It achieves a perfectly smooth surface after modelling. It works from any angle. It adapts to all surfaces of the tooth.

Ideal for use on all composite surfaces, lithium disilicate, zirconia, bisacryls, precious and semi-precious metals, and some ceramic materials.