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Endo Z Carbide Burs with round Safe End FG 1.6mm 1/16' shank

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Endo end Bur/ Endo Access Bur/Friction grip (FG) safe-end tungsten carbide bur


*Combination of a round and cone shaped coarse diamond coated burInactive Tip (Tip with no cutting capacity).

*Cutting surface length: 9mm.

*Length: 21 mm, 23mm or 25 mm.

*Lateral helical cutting pattern (6 blades).

*Gold-plated stem.

*Available in 1 or 5 units and length 21 or 25 mm.

*Recommended working speed: 160.000 to 300.000 rpm.


1. Funnel shape: easy to access the pulp chamber. The safe-end, non-cutting tip keeps the root canal walls and the floor of the pulp chamber from being cut.

2. Lateral cutting edges are used to flare, flatten, and refine the internal axial walls.

3. The cutting edges on the sides of the Endo Z bur are used to flare, flatten, and smooth the inner axial walls.

4. Sectioning: to locate orifices, and as a tool to remove calcification.

5. Utilized in RCT.

6. Endodontic preparation bur for turbine.

7. Vibration-free: Access and visibility of root canals.

8. Universal use, adapted to all dental anatomies.

9. Ideal for a variety of procedures including initial sectioning of impacted molars, cutting of teeth at root level, and root separation and amputation

10. Prohibit the access from getting deeper but will allow for lateral expansion.

11. Remove tartar, big scales when cleaning teeth.

Applications: Burs with a tapered shape are used by dentists or in dental labs, jewelers, and people who do small projects for fun.

What is the end-cutting bur used for?

End-cutting burs are used to shape the floor of mesial and distal tooth preparations for Class II cavities with smooth sides. These burs reduce the risk of affecting the surface of the adjacent tooth with the bur's cutting surface.

Endo end Bur is also called Safe-ended tapered bur ENDO-Z bur, Endo Z burs can fast enter root Canal, the end is round and No-Cut, so it is safe and easily confirm the position.

Endo-Z bur features a special inactive (non-cutting) tip design that allows widening of the pulp chamber for adequate access and visibility without risk of perforation of the pulp floor or destruction of the root opening location.

Manufactured in tungsten carbide for turbine (F.G.) with recommended working speed from 160.000 to 300.000 rpm.

Gold-plated stainless steel shank. Conical shape. Lateral helical cutting pattern (6 blades).

Low vibration.

Universal use, adapted to all dental anatomies.

Easy identification

Length: 21 mm, 23mm or 25 mm. cutting surface length: 9mm.

Endo Z safe tungsten carbide bur

Sectioning an impacted wisdon tooth prior to its extraction/separating roots;

Removing a broken root stump cutting a tooth horizontally at neck level; * Reworking temporary teeth of acrylic material/preparing a shoulder on the vestibular side of the tooth;

Fast enter root canal, the end is round and no-cut so it is safe and easily confirm the position;

Remove tartar, big scales when cleaning teeth.