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Ball Round Diamond Burs FG RA

Ball Round Diamond Burs FG RA

Model NO.Ball-Round
GritMedium, Fine, Super Coarse, Coarse, Extra Fine
ColorBlue, Red, Black, Green, Yellow
CertificatesCe, ISO
SpecificationAAA quality

Product Description


diamond burs, burs, drill bits, FG shank, high speed, made from natural diamond powder.


Dental diamond burs in dental surgeries:

1)     Preparation of cavities

2)     Treatment of fillings

3)     Preparation of crowns

they also used as:

1)      glass drill bits

2)      diamond drill bits

3)      jewelry drill bits

4)      engraving bits

5)      carving bits

they fit to:

1)     high speed FG dental handpiece

2)     high speed engraver

3)     also fit your Dremel® and Foredom® tool with a 1/16" collet

4)     Turbo Carver® tool


1)    Long service life and high cutting capacity when preparing and separating porcelain, facing composites and model materials.

2)    Precise dimension and stable control of quality.

3)    Enjoy low price but high quality.