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Extra Hard Reinforcement: Except for the T22 three-layer flat brush, all other wool products are manufactured with extra hardness, making them less prone to wear and more durable.

The T22 model is relatively soft and is mainly used in conjunction with polishing wax, while other models are reinforced with extra hardness and are mainly used with polishing paste.


Please use it with polishing paste to perform fine surface treatment on various workpieces.

Note: When using it with polishing paste, one wool grinding head can only be used for one grit size. It is not recommended to use one grinding head for multiple grit sizes, as it may not achieve the desired effect and may even damage the workpiece. Please pay attention to this, thank you.

Product Introduction:

Wool material is relatively soft and less likely to scratch the product. The grinding heads made of wool are mostly used for polishing the surface of products. They are characterized by safety and high efficiency and are widely used in polishing heads.

Our wool products are different from the softer ones on the market. They are all reinforced with extra hardness, making them the hardest wool products on the market. They are characterized by low wear and tear and durability.

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