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Cylinder Tungsten Carbide Burs HP Low Speed Dental Burs for Wholesale

Cylinder Tungsten Carbide Burs HP Low Speed Dental Burs for Wholesale

Cylinder Tungsten Carbide Burs HP - Low Speed Dental Burs for Wholesale

Explore the premium efficiency of our Cylinder Tungsten Carbide Burs HP, specifically designed for low-speed handpieces. These burs are engineered to satisfy the demanding requirements of dental professionals. Ideal for a multitude of materials, these burs deliver exceptional cutting speed, durability, and value, making them a prudent addition to any dental practice or jewelry workshop.

Product Parameters

Head ShapeFlat End Cylinder
Head CutCross Cut
Shank TypeHP 11-Straight Handpiece
Shank Diameter (mm)2.35

Our Tungsten Carbide Burs HP fit onto micro motors with ease, assuring compatibility across a broad range of applications. Whether dealing with alloys, acrylics, or ceramics, our Cylinder Burs HP establish the benchmark for cutting performance.


  • Constructed from high-quality, tungsten carbide, which offers outstanding hardness, toughness, and wear resistance.
  • Produced in accordance with international standards to ensure premium quality and precision finishing.
  • Capable of processing an array of metal and non-metal materials.
  • Designed for robust strength and durability, with acute sharpness to enhance cutting efficiency.
  • User-friendly, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.
  • Blade geometrics are meticulously crafted for optimal cutting performance.
  • Featuring robust joint soldering to reinforce safety measures.
  • Ensures true running accuracy and boasts a prolonged lifespan.


  1. Perfect for sculpting fissures on a variety of materials, such as gold, composite veneers, or ceramics before the final firing, they consistently offer reliable cutting properties and an impressively long service life.
  2. Equally suitable for precise engraving and intricate carving work.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: The standard package includes 10 pcs per plastic box and 100 pcs per paper box. We also provide custom packaging options, which allow for the display of customers' own brand names on the packaging, all according to your specific needs.

Delivery Detail: With a focus on efficiency, orders are processed and dispatched, with delivery typically occurring within 5 to 15 working days.