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Pen Polishing Brushes H Low Speed Lab Laboratory Burs for Wholesale

Pen Polishing Brushes H Low Speed Lab Laboratory Burs for Wholesale

Product Specifications:

All brushes have a handle size of 2.34mm.

The default diameter for all brushes is 5mm.


All brushes have a handle size of 2.34mm, deliberately made slightly smaller by 0.01mm. All clamps with a size of 2.335mm are interchangeable.

Suitable for use with electric grinders, straight grinders, suspended grinders, and South Korean grinding machines.

Flat brushes are suitable for polishing flat surfaces, while star brushes are ideal for polishing edges, corners, and narrow gaps.

Pen brushes are suitable for polishing inner holes, and bowl brushes are suitable for vertical range polishing.

Product Introduction:

Our factory produces brushes that do not shed or scatter any bristles upon completion. However, please note that copper wire and copper wire brushes are prone to bending.


When we say the brushes do not shed or scatter, it means that when you hold the brush in your hand, it is tidy and does not lose bristles or scatter. It does not imply that the brush will not shed or scatter during use. If the brush does not shed during use, it means that the brush has no wear and tear. However, there are no brushes in the world that do not wear out.

Materials such as wool, sheepskin, black boar bristles, horsehair, and cotton cloth are suitable for polishing moderately hard wood materials, such as wood carvings, porcelain, and resin. They can also be used in conjunction with polishing compounds and waxes to polish various hard materials such as gemstones, stone, glass, and crystal.

Abrasive wire brushes, scouring pads, fibers, steel wire, and copper wire do not require polishing compounds. They are highly suitable for polishing metal materials and can efficiently remove oxidation, stains, and improve brightness.