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Wheel Polishing Brushes HP Low Speed Lab Laboratory Burs for Wholesale

Wheel Polishing Brushes HP Low Speed Lab Laboratory Burs for Wholesale

Carbonized silicon wire brushes and alumina wire brushes are suitable for polishing metal crevices. They can quickly enhance the brightness without causing rust on the metal and without leaving any scratches.

Materials such as wool, sheepskin, black boar bristles, horsehair, and cotton cloth are suitable for polishing moderately hard materials, such as wood carvings, bone carvings, porcelain, and resin. They can also be used in conjunction with polishing paste and wax to polish various types of gemstones, stone, glass, crystal, and other hard materials without causing any harm or scratches to the workpiece.

Scouring pads and fiber materials can polish metal substances without the need for polishing paste. They are highly efficient in polishing various metals, removing oxidation and stains, and achieving brightness without causing scratches.


Alumina abrasive wire is less prone to breakage compared to silicon carbide, making it commonly used for polishing softer metals.

In silicon carbide abrasive wire, the content of aluminum-iron is less than 0.1% and it does not contain iron. Therefore, brushes made of silicon carbide can be safely used on products made of gold, silver, copper, aluminum, and other materials, without the risk of corrosion caused by iron contamination.

Product Introduction:

Abrasive wire brushes with embedded abrasives are made by fusing silicon carbide or alumina materials into nylon, and then manufacturing the bristles. The bristles maintain the elasticity and toughness of nylon, while the silicon carbide or alumina serves as the abrasive material.