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Extra Fine Grit Round Shape HP Shank Sintered Diamond Bur(D031EF,D037EF,D050EF,D060EF)

  • Product Code: D031EF,D037EF,D050EF,D060EF

Available Options


Item No. ISO code Suggested RPM Head Size Head Height
D031EF807.104.001.504.03125,000 RPM3.1mm3mm
D037EF807.104.001.504.03725,000 RPM3.7mm3.5mm
D050EF807.104.001.504.05020,000 RPM5mm4.7mm
D060EF807.104.001.504.06017,500 RPM6mm6mm

Jewelry making tool:
1.Last 5-10 times longer than diamond plated burs
2.For dental lab,jewelry,lapidary,gemstone
3.5 grits.


1. Consist of diamonds throughout, sintered diamond burs also specifically manufactured to cut and trim Zirconia, Alumina Oxide and other hard ceramic and jewelries materials, suitable for shaping, carving and polishing all kinds of minerals.

2. Last 5 to 10 times longer than diamond plated burs. Extremely long endurance and dimensional stability. Excellent abrasive qualities.


1. Sintered diamond burs can be used by dental labs, jewelry, lapidary and gemstone.

2. All burs are with HP shank, 3/32‘, ISO104, shank diameter 2.35mm. Fit to electric micro motor.

3. All burs are marked with color ring for reference of grit.

Color ring


Dental lab usage

Lapidary / jewelry / gem usage


Super coarse


ISO 544

Fast aggressive on porcelain and some kind of metals. For prepping metal and ceramic

Good for texturing. Can be used on all kinds of stones and metals. Fast aggressive and bulk removal




ISO 534

Aggressive on ceramic.

Used on most alloys

Used on quartz materials and porcelain, aggressive




ISO 524

Multi-purpose bur. For metals and porcelain combinations

Multi-purpose bur. For metals, stones, porcelain and enameling.




ISO 514

For final shaping. Good for trimming metal margin before porcelain.

Good final shaping and pre-polishing. Smooth aggressive.


Extra fine


ISO 504

Pre-polish. Good for final adjustment after a glaze bake. Easy to polish glaze

Pre-polish and fine finish

Specifications: 89 items for select

Grit Extra Fine ( Yellow Ring )
Head Shape Round
Material selected diamond grain
Pack 1 pc/pk
Shank HP, 2.35mm(3/32") diameter
Tips 1. Please always work under the suggested RPM<br> 2. OEM service is available, indivadual brand or printing is offered<br> 3. Please always <a href='/contact'>keep in touch</a> with us if any questions.
Type Rotary Tools & Accessories, Abrasive Material