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Delivery Information

This page is being provided to help you understand our shipping methods and costs. View the information below or view answers to your specific shipping and delivery question.

Delivery Times
Orders in stock are shipped within 3 business day, if not in stock you will be contacted by phone, e-mail or both.

Shipping Methods
In order to deliver the goods as fast as possible, B&D partners with major international shipping companies like DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT and Aramex to offer Express Shipping for most of the countries all over the world. You can always choose your preferred shipping method.

Shipping Time and Costs
2 - 6 days delivery to most countries, $25USD and up.

Order Tracking

You should receive an e-mail at the time of the shipment with information on how your package is being shipped along with a tracking number. Please follow our e-mail instructions.

Refunds for Shipping
Sorry, but we cannot refund any shipping charges unless the problem originated here. This means that if you return or refuse any package then you will be credited for the items in your order (as long as it within our return guidelines) but NOT for your shipping charges. The reason is simple, DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS and Aramex charge us to ship your package and do not provide refunds to us on returns or refusals. If they did, we would gladly do so as well.

More FAQs regarding shipping and delivery
For more information on DHL, visit
For more information on Fedex, visit
For more information on TNT, visit
For more information on UPS, visit
For more information on Aramex, visit