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CAD/CAM Milling Burs

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Up to four flutes for best efficiency
Tapered transition from shaft to shank
Compatible with most dental CAD/CAM milling machines (Roland, VHF, Amann Girrbach)
Available in 3mm, 4mm and 6mm shank sizes
Available with or without stops rings
High-end Zirconia milling burs with Long-Life Diamond coating can mill up to 20 times more units compared to uncoated tools
The true running characteristics of the tools create super smooth surfaces when milling any type of zirconia,PMMA, Composite & Pekton.
No chipping, even on the thinnest of margins
Extremely low breakage rate due to special tungsten carbide alloy and tapered transition from shaft to shank.
DLC coated, this is the most commonly used type, it can be used on zirconium and wax.
one DLC bur assembled on Roland system to mill Upcerama block can finish 90 to 130 teeth. 
but for wieland's zircona block, it's harder than upcerama, so the life become a little shorter, ranges from 75 to 110 teeth.

DC coated, it is the most durable type, special for zirconium. it is not suitable for PMMA or WAX.
With DC Coating, the life is 7 to 10 times than DLC layer. It can mill 800 to 1100 teeths.

CrN coated, special for PMMA and WAX, its cutting surface usually come out very smooth.