dental handpiece & implant bender

Patented appearance, thickened head and anti-fall design, could print your ownlogo on it use laser marking machine;dentists could choose different color for thebottom connector of the handpiece that easy to recognize your own handpiece. Ultra-quiet and durable, each cartridge do dynamic balance use German machinethat ensure its rotating speed stably and extending the service life greatly. It can be sterilized at 135 degrees repeatedly without deformation and the lamp is durable.

custom dental high and low speed anti-drop handpiece kit - ultra quiet and durable


This customized dental handpiece set includes an anti-drop hihigh-speednd low-speed handpiece, featuring quiet performance, durability, and customizable branding options.


This high and low-speed handpiece set enables reliable, quiet handpiece performance even after repeated autoclaving cycles. The anti-drop shape provides a secure grip. Personalized laser engraving options allow customization with practice logos. A durable, customized handpiece solution.

dental implant bender


1. The machine core adopts imported ceramic bearings, which are more durable and long-lasting. 

2. Convenient for disinfection and sterilization, preventing cross-infection. 

3. The whole machine is detachable.

Technical Parameters

1. Cooling system: Single-hole water outlet. 

2. Needle removal method: Pressure type. 

3. Bur diameter: 2.35mm. 

4. Maximum speed: ≥1,000rpm. 

5. Working air pressure: 0.3-0.35MPa. 

6. Maximum torque: MAX 80N.M. 

7. Noise: ≤68db.


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