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Diamond burs

1.6mm FG shank for clinic.

Diamond burs FG is a series of dental diamond burs for clinic use.

Our diamond burs FG consist of a shank FG 314 (diameter 1.6mm precisely),stainless profile body coated by the most modern galvanization process with selected diamond grains.

Diamond burs FG is the most regular surgical burs or orthodontic burs in dental burs or diamond instruments. We always provide one-stop service of all range of diamond burs FG. You will feel very relaxed of ordering, selling or using.

Diamond burs in dentistry supplied by B&D Abrasive is your best choice, with latest technology and best material you will get what you are looking for. B&D is a dental diamond burs China manufacturer, for more information, you can download diamond burs dental catalogue on our catalog page.

Diamond bur,304/WR series,Lens,Medium,FG

Model No. Item No. ISO code Head Size Head Height Total Length WR-47304-023M806.314.304.524.0232.3mm1mm19mmWR-48304-038M806.314.304.524.0383.8mm1.2mm19mmWR-49304-050M806.314...

Diamond bur,515/BC-11,Wavy Cylinder,Medium,FG

Dental diamond burs in dental surgeries:        1) Preparation of cavities        2) Treatment of fillings    ..

Diamond bur,519/BC-12,Wavy Taper,Medium,FG

Dental diamond burs in dental surgeries:        1) Preparation of cavities        2) Treatment of fillings       &n..

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