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Clinic Mounted Stone

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Mounted Stone Bur also called mounted point stone are made from a high quality silicone carbide material and stainless steel. It provides gentle and smooth grinding of filling material and all composite filling materials, porcelain, ceramics, precious metals and plastics.

These stones have both FG (Friction Grip) and RA (Right-Angle Latch) shanks. They are made of the silicon carbide. Excellent for preparing porcelain and acrylics.

FG Standard shank diameter 1.6 mm, RA/CA Standard shank diameter 2.35 mm.

Mainly for dental Lab and nail beauty and others.

High hardness, durable, not easy to wear

Convenient to grind, simple to use, safe and reliable.

Can be used DIY grinding, polishing / jade, jade, wood, metal, mold polishing, power tools.