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Prophy Brush

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Prophy Brushes and Cups are used for polishing and removal of heavy stains. Standard or pointed latch type (RA) to fit all the needs. The brushes and cups are made of fine nylon bristles assembled to prevent the possibility of pulling out bristles.

Standard RA / CA shank burs (ISO 204, right angle / contra angle, diameter 2.35mm, for low speed dental handpiece)

These shapes and profiles are designed to meet the exacting needs of dentistry.

The nylon, natural bristles and soft rubber are for cleaning and polishing of natural teeth, gold and amalgam fillings.

They are excellent for removing plaque stains and are vibration-free for patient comfort.

Brushes in varying degrees of hardness. The prophylaxis polishers and brushes should always be used with polishing taste.

Grants optimal cleaning and polishing during a prophylaxis session.

Effective biofilm removal.