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Triming Finishing Gold TC Bur

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Triming Finishing TC bur are specifically designed for the shaping and finishing of all dental materials. A smoother, more aesthetically pleasing surface can be achieved with carbide finishing burs as opposed to diamonds for most restorative materials. Carbide burs should be used to trim and finish macro filled composites and hybrid composites. Grinding & polishing diamonds should be used to trim and finish microfilmed composites. Coarse grinding tools leave behind striations; fine and extra fine diamonds are suitable for finishing.
Twelve bladed finishing burs provide a smooth finish on composite, amalgam, enamel, dentin, ortho debonding and other dental materials. Designated by the 7000 series #. Ideal for controlled contouring and finishing.
Color: Gold  Size Length:19mm; 21mm; 23mm
Made from top-class tungsten carbide,high hardness, it can make sure bur sharpness.So that can work efficiently to save more time and save more money. It very practical and useful burs for teeth polishing activities. 
Available for 8-12 blades. Round shaped for finishing anterior lingual and posterior occlusal surfaces;
Taper shaped is ideal for trimming excess material on anterior labial surfaces or the cervical portion of any tooth;
Egg shaped is for contouring or placing anatomy on posterior occlusal surfaces, also suitable for smooth and shaping anterior lingual surfaces;
Flame shaped is to establish anatomical pits and fissures in occlusal surfaces.