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Polishing Brush Wheel Shape without shank

03B22 22mm Brass wire Wheel Miniature Polishing Brush

DESCRIPTIONbrass wire brushes:unmounted,22mm, extra rough,for grinding, cleaning, polishing ceramic, metal, jade, jewelry, etcCatalog:Description:Made..

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03F22 22mm Grey goat hair Wheel Miniature Polishing Brush

DESCRIPTIONwhite goat hair brushes:unmounted,22mm, white, soft, goat hairfor polishing of composite materials with polishing pasteCatalog:Description:..

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03T22 22mm Cotton Yarn Wheel Miniature Polishing Brush

rotary cleaning brushes:unmounted,22mm, white, soft, cotton yarnfor smooth finishing and application of polishing materialsCatalog:Description:Made fr..

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Made from a variety of material, these brushes is used for grinding, cleaning, polishing, smoothing and finishing ceramic, metal, jade, jewelry, etc.
* Stiff steel and brass rotary wire brushes mounted on HP-sized mandrels designed for tough cleaning tasks;
* Classic, high quality natural bristle brushes ideal for cleaning and polishing of denture acrylic, cleaning interproximal spaces after denture deflasking, and for general laboratory polishing applications;
* Durable cotton for application of smooth finishing and polishing materials;
* High quality fine white wool felt buffs designed for all types of polishing;
* Polyamide fiber with silicon carbide or aluminum oxide for pre-polishing metal;
* Non woven cloth brushes for remove scratches on acrylics or vaccum forming material, cleaning the oxidation layer of irregular and high demand surface of metal. High temperature resistant, can be used with water or liquid, blocking proof, high durable. Widely used in cleaning, pre-polishing, polishing oxidation film, all kinds of metal, fine treatment on non-metallic surface and burr remove.
Feature: Rough
Color: Grey
Diameter: 22mm
Shape: Flat, Wheel