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R106M Pointed End Taper Black Brown Medium Smoothing Dental Acrylic

R106M Pointed End Taper Black Brown Medium 658.104.300.524.100 Smoothing dental acrylic.

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Model: R106M

Color: Black Brown

Grit: Medium

Cutting Length (mm): 19

Head Diameter (1/10 mm): 100

Head Shape: Pointed End Taper

Shank Diameter (mm): 2.35

Shank Type: 11-Straight Handpiece

ISO Number: 658.104.300.524.100


1. Portable and convenient to use.

2. With high-quality processing and long service life.

3. Offer palpable advantages for reducing and smoothing porcelain (ceramic).

4. Work quickly and efficiently on many materials, gold alloys and acrylic.

5. Fit to electric micro motor.


Smoothing dental acrylic.

Color Black Brown
Cutting Length (mm) 19
Description R Series: Used for fast reducing, smoothing, polishing and filishing acrylic base etc.
Grit Medium
Head Diameter (1/10 mm) 100
Head Shape Pointed End Taper
ISO Number 658.104.300.524.100
Shank Diameter(mm) 2.35
Shank Type 11-Straight Handpiece
Usage Smoothing dental acrylic.

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