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Technician Kits

Z2001 Popular Felt Polishing Bur Kit

Z2001 Popular Felt Polishing Bur Kit, includes 12 pieces of High quality Felt polishing burs are widely used to mold, Alloy, metal, Jewelry, sto..

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ZA101 Non-precise metal, Alloy Adjust and polish Technician Kits

ZA101 Non-precise metal, Alloy Adjust and polish Technician Kits, includes W-01, W-09, W-08, W-16, W-03, W-06 A201C, A203C, A206C, A201F, A203F,..

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ZD101 Popular HP diamond burs KIT

ZD101 Popular HP diamond burs KIT, includes MD23, MK47, MJ60, MA23, MC18, MM27, MB21, ML40, MG16, MR23, 1 pcs each model.10 Hot Spec. Of HP Diamond, u..

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ZD102 Small & Tiny Cut,HP diamond burs KIT

ZD102 Small & Tiny Cut, HP diamond burs KIT, includes MD10, MD14, MD23, MK16, MA16, MA23, MC25, MM12, MM18, MM27, MB12, MB16, MB21, ML16, ML..

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ZD103 Fast Trimming, HP diamond burs KIT

ZD103 Fast Trimming, HP diamond burs KIT, includes CQ23, CL40, SD35, SA50, SC40, SP70, SG50, SV70, SV60, SF60, 1 pcs each model.10 pcs. Stones,..

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ZD104 Hot Fully-Sintered diamond Kits

ZD104 Hot Fully-Sintered diamond Kits, includes C050S, F050S, L05S, B050C, A037, G050, C037F, F050F, M050EF, G050EF, 1 pcs each model.10 spec. Ho..

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ZD105 Diamond Sintered Burrs 10PC kit assortment

Diamond Sintered Burrs with a 3/32" (2.35 mm) shank, sometimes referred to as Diamond Sintered Carving Points are perfect for engraving, carving ..

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ZF101 Acrylic Polishing Kit Carbide Cutter Silicone Polisher

SpecificationPackage: 8 pcs/setModel: ZF101 (Includes F060SC, L040SC, U12 x 2, U13 x 2, U16 x 2)Color: Tungsten Carbide Burs: 2 pcs Blue;  S..

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ZP100 Abrasive Sandpaper Rolls 10PC Assortment

Sandpaper rolls are efficient and economical for fast clean up, sanding, and pre-polishing. As the abrasive wears, simply peel the paper back and tear..

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ZS100 Hot HP Mounted stones mixed kit

ZS100 Hot HP Mounted stones mixed kit, includes G-01, G-02, G-03, G-06, G-08, G-17 ; P-01, P-02, P-03, P-06, P-08, P-17 W-01, W-02, W-03, W-06, ..

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ZT101 Popular HP Tungsten carbid burs KIT

ZT101 Popular HP Tungsten carbide burs KIT, includes HP1/4, HP1/2, HP1, HP2, HP3, HP4, HP5, HP8, HP34, HP36,HP38, HP41, HP556, HP557, HP560, HP563, H..

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ZT102 Cutter Drill Polisher Tungsten Carbide 10PC kit

10pcs high quality Tungsten Carbide BursUniversal Use. Processing is high quality and smoothness and can be all sorts of high-precision shape.For uni..

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Lab technicians must have a variety of tools and supplies available to them throughout the workday. The right tools help technicians complete beautiful, long-lasting restorations as well as make their jobs easier.

Burs Advantages

1. Strictly comply with ISO Standard;

2. Sharper and More Efficient;

3. Durable and Valuable;

4. Full Range of shapes and grits.

5. Fast developed new items.