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Tungsten Carbide Bur HP

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1. Shaping fissure on a variety of materials. Used on gold, composite veneers or ceramics prior to final firing, they always display convincing cutting proper and an impressively long service life.
2. Prophylaxis and oral surgery; Preparation of cavities; removal of old fillings; treatment of filings; preparation of crowns
3. Also used as engraving bits, carving bits.
Six type availale:
carbide burs, carbide cutters, tc cutters.
1. Standard Cross Cut (SC)   blue rings
For coarse abrasion on chrome-cobalt alloys, precious metall alloys, chrome-nickel alloys, model cast alloys, acrylics
2. Fine Cross Cut (FC)    red rings
Suitable for all dental materials. It smoothens the surface and it enables accurate operation on any structure
3. Extra Fine Cross Cut (EFC)    yellow rings
For fine finishing of gold, alloys and all versions of resins & composites - due to the special cut also ideally suited for ceramics avoiding occurrence of crackles.
4. Coarse Cross Cut (CC)     green rings
For efficient reduction of resins incl. tray materials as well as plaster
5. Standard Plain Cut (SP)    blue rings For all dental materials - the plain cut enables a smooth cutting pattern, particularly on resins, and thus reduces rework
6. Coarse Plain Cut     green rings  Rapid and effective trimming of acrylic and plaster.
tungsten carbide bur, hp:
Optimum material reduction;
high cutting capacity
high-quality surface finish.
Blades made of fine grain tungsten carbide, retain shape even as they wear.
HP shank diameter 2.35mm. HP burs are used in the low speed handpiece and HP bur can be autoclaved.