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Flat End Cone Cleaning Burs After Debonding RA Low Speed Dental Clinic Burs for Wholesale

Flat End Cone Cleaning Burs After Debonding RA Low Speed Dental Clinic Burs for Wholesale


Deboning is a vital procedure used to remove orthodontic brackets from the surface of an intact tooth. In most cases, the tooth may be contaminated with fragments of restorative materials like composite. Our Deboning Bur eliminates any remaining adhesive material and thoroughly cleans the surface of the tooth, ensuring a smooth and clean finish.


For the cleaning and trimming of restorative material after the removal of orthodontic brackets.

  1. Cleaning Process:
    • Manual Cleaning:
      1. Preparation: Gather tools like an ultrasonic device, cleaning solution, handpiece, sharpening stone, diamond burs, water, and a sink.
      2. Sharpening the Stone: Insert the bur into a handpiece and operate at maximum RPM. Place the bur head into a wet sharpening cleaning stone for at least 2 seconds.
      3. Rinsing, Soaking, and Brushing: Rinse the bur with cool running water for at least one minute. Soak it in a disinfecting solution for 10 minutes. Brush the body for at least 1 minute. Rinse under warm water until clean and dry using a non-shedding wipe or clean compressed air.
  2. Ultrasonic Cleaning:
    • Follow these steps for ultrasonic cleaning:
      1. Place the bur in a dedicated instrument block and then into a sonication unit.
      2. Sonicate for at least 15 minutes following correct concentration, exposure time, temperature, and water quality guidelines.
      3. After cleaning, sterilize using professional tools like Bur Blocks for Sterilizing to improve efficiency.
  3. Sterilization:
    • Use a specific disinfection solution designed for rubber polishers during sterilization to ensure effective disinfection and maintenance of the burs.