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Mounted Stone

Mounted Stone

The Utility of Four Different Colors: Choose the Right Color for Different Polishing Objects to Achieve the Best Polishing Effect:

Brown: Used for polishing materials like nickel and cobalt chrome alloys.

Green: Used for polishing materials like porcelain and soft jade that are relatively hard.

Pink: Used for polishing materials like semi-metal and non-precious metals.

White: Used for polishing materials like precious metals and resin that are relatively soft.

Dry grinding is recommended; wet grinding should be avoided.

The handle is intentionally designed to be 0.01mm smaller, making it compatible with machines that can hold a 2.35mm handle!

Product Introduction:

Ceramic grinding heads, also known as corundum grinding heads, fire stones, or grinding wheels, are specifically developed to meet the grinding, polishing, and shaping requirements of ceramics, metals, and non-metals!

All the raw materials used are original sand and not recycled sand!

Several characteristics of our silicon carbide products are as follows:

  • The particles are highly cohesive, allowing for high-speed grinding with confidence.
  • The texture is extremely uniform, resulting in excellent grinding effects.
  • The concentricity is very precise, ensuring stable high-speed rotation!

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