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Pen Polishing Brushes RA Low Speed Dental Clinic Polishing Burs for Wholesale

Pen Polishing Brushes RA Low Speed Dental Clinic Polishing Burs for Wholesale

Pen polishing brushes RA are excellent for removing plaque stains and are vibration-free for patient comfort.

Product Specifications:

  • Head Diameter: 4.5mm
  • Head Height: 6.0mm
  • Handle Length: 10mm
  • Total Length: 28mm
  • The handle is designed with an angled head, with a handle diameter of 2.35mm
  • Compatible with all types of slow-speed dental handpieces


  • Stable concentricity and effective decontamination
  • For a high-gloss finish, it is recommended to use with medical polishing paste
  • Made from materials such as nylon, rubber, wool, and pig bristle, suitable for natural, resin, and porcelain teeth
  • Brushes with silicon carbide abrasive filaments and aluminum oxide abrasive filaments are designed for metal teeth; with less than 0.1% ferrous oxide content and free of iron, they are safe for use on gold, silver, copper, aluminum products without the risk of corrosion caused by iron contamination


  • The slow-speed bent head conical brush is for clinical use, typically for polishing frontal interdental spaces

Product Introduction:

  • The brushes are made of high-quality nylon filaments, wool, and pig bristle, providing a bright appearance, stable concentricity, and effective decontamination
  • Silicon carbide and aluminum oxide abrasive filaments are imported materials that provide excellent bend recovery, maintaining the elasticity and toughness of nylon, which results in an outstanding polishing effect on fine crevices
  • The brushes have a low moisture absorption rate, suitable for wet grinding with water cooling, which increases hardness and durability at low temperatures
  • These two new models of brushes were launched last year and are not commonly seen in domestic markets

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