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Plaster Trimming Wheels for Lab Laborator for Wholesale

Plaster Trimming Wheels for Lab Laborator for Wholesale


Expertly designed to slice through materials with ease, our plaster trimming wheels promise a fast cutting experience that lasts longer than ever before. Whether dealing with the toughest plasters or the most delicate porcelains, these wheels guarantee immediate removal of excess material. Their versatility shines with the ability to be used in both dry and wet environments, on any material you encounter in the dental lab.


Choose the foundation that suits your needs with two high-grade options:

  • Resin Plastic Base: A fusion of flexibility and strength, this base is perfect for precise, intricate work where maneuverability is key.
  • Steel Base: If you're after maximum durability and a steadfast cutting experience, our steel base wheels are the undisputed champions of longevity and stability.

Product Description

Plaster Trimming Wheel: Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent wheel changes. Our diamond-edged wheels are tailored for sustained use, cutting down on operational interruptions.

Grinding Wheel: Redefine your expectations with a wheel designed to outperform any conventional offering. The robust build quality means less time spent on replacements and more time delivering impeccable results.

Lightweight Efficiency: We understand the importance of cost-effective operations. That's why our wheels are engineered to be lighter, reducing shipping costs without compromising performance.

About This Item

  • Enhanced Longevity: Built with the future in mind, these wheels are crafted to outlive traditional models, making them a smart, cost-effective addition to your lab.
  • Consistent Performance: The meticulously arranged diamond aggregates ensure that each pass removes material evenly and effectively, optimizing your work process.
  • Adaptable Application: Their unique composition allows seamless transitions between dry and wet conditions, giving you the freedom to work on any project without hesitation.
  • Universal Compatibility: No matter the hardness of the material in question, our trimming wheels are up for the challenge, providing you with a one-stop solution for all your trimming needs.

Packing List

1 Plaster Trimming Wheel: Each package includes one premium trimming wheel, ready to take on the demands of modern dental labs.