root canal preparation machine

Adjustable temperature: 160 degrees/180 degrees/200 degrees/230 degrees. Rapid heating up in 0.2 seconds. Heating protection

dental endodontic handpiece

Hot melt gutta-percha filler

*Adjustable temperature: 160 degrees/180 degrees/200 degrees/230 degrees

*Rapid heating up in 0.2 seconds

*heating protection

The Precise Dental Endodontic Handpiece provides specialized engineering for endodontic root canal procedures. Its ultra-narrow head and powerful micro-motor deliver unmatched access and accuracy.


Ergonomics for Endodontists: Avoiding Pain and Strain from Handpieces

Endodontic work requires precise and controlled use of handpieces, which can lead to pain and injuries over time. This article explores ergonomic best practices for endodontists to protect against muscle strain, repetitive stress injuries, and discomfort when using handpieces. Learn techniques to improve posture, grip, positioning, and more while working.
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