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Silicone Polisher

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Fine finish and polish gold, precious metal and alloy tooth surface/ crown / slot / connecting points & edge
Produce smooth, precise results with minimal heat buildup
Optimal surface quality.
Dental Universal Silicon Polisher:
These silicon-bonded polishers offer palpable advantages for reducing and smooth porcelain (ceramic); meanwhile, they work quickly and efficiently on many materials, gold alloys and acrylic.
All burs are with HP shank, 3/32", ISO104, shank diameter 2.35 mm. Fit to electric micro motor. 
"C" series
white( coarse):general-purpose for reduction of porcelain, precious metal, acrylic and tooth enamel.
mould and smooth porcelain, precious metal, acrylic and tooth enamel.
soft, flexible polishers for high-lustre on porcelain, precious metal alloys.
"R" series
fast reducing dental acrylic
black brown(medium)
smoothing dental acrylic
light yellow(fine)
high polishing dental acrylic