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Cleaning Brushes By Hand Curved Brass White Nylon Curved Steel

Cleaning Brushes By Hand Curved Brass White Nylon Curved Steel

Product Description:

  1. Versatile Cleaning Brushes: Introducing B&D Technologies' premium Cleaning Brushes By Hand series, featuring curved brass, white nylon, and curved steel brushes. These brushes are designed to meet the diverse cleaning needs of wholesalers, industrial manufacturers, and dental clinics.

  2. High-Quality Materials: We prioritize quality in our products. The Cleaning Brushes By Hand are crafted from top-notch materials, ensuring longevity and reliability. From the sturdy brass bristles to the resilient nylon and steel components, our brushes are built to withstand frequent use and deliver consistent results.

  3. Wide Range of Applications: These cleaning brushes are versatile and suitable for various cleaning tasks. Whether you need to remove dirt, grime, or residue from surfaces, equipment, or dental instruments, our brushes offer efficient and effective cleaning solutions.


Used for dental, jewelry polishing. Polish all metallic surfaces extremely well.

For cleaning, polishing, grinding all kinds of ceramics, metal, jewelry, etc.


  • Provide a comprehensive cleaning: It is a smart pen-type tool used to clean the drill bits, grinding burs, small gears, rusted metal surfaces, and to scratch off the old patches of paint. People are also using it to clean the metal filters, the sieve of juicer machine, and to clean the golf ball.
  • Versatile Application: In the dental office, it is used to clean the dental burs, impression trays, grills of autoclave, and to remove the debris from the grooves of bone files and working ends of dental hand instruments. It is also used to roughen the plastic and wooden pieces that are required to be bonded with glue.
  • Adjustable length: It is a stainless steel tube of diameter 7.5mm and length 11cm with copper bristles inside that can be pulled out as long as you want by a simple push of the back end.
  • Lightweight and compact: Dental Bur Cleaning Brush has a diameter of 7.5mm and length of 11cm with copper bristles inside meeting the user needs to better clean the dirt bits, grinding burs, and small gears. Lightweight and compact, convenient for you to carry, store, and organize.
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