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Needle Diamond Burs FG RA

Needle Diamond Burs FG RA

Product Description:

  • Raw material:

Use stainless steel as the substrate of burs, the raw material was made by highly advanced high-speed CNC lathe to guarantees an extremely homogeneous, safe and lasting diamond coating of the instruments. All shank are strictly in accordance with ISO 314 standard, will not damage the high-speed handpiece.

Use selected diamond grain. All burs work great on PFM, Chrome & ceramic materials, ideal for shaping and gross reduction, with excellent abrasive capacity & life, will not do pain to patients.

  • Quality control:

Our CNC system and special devices ensure stable quality. Each lot of burs must pass the quality test. Our QC person are request to carry out inspection at each stage: incoming inspection, in-process inspection and final inspection so as to ensure that our quality meet the international standard.

  • B&D Technologies Dental Diamond bur advantage:
  1. Strictly comply with ISO Standard ;

  2. Sharper and More Efficient ;

  3. Durable and Valuable ;

  4. Full Range of shapes and grits;

  5. Fast develop new items;

  6. Individual Design and OEM Serivce

  7. Dental diamond burs in dental surgeries:

  1. Preparation of cavities

  2. Treatment of fillings

  3. Preparation of crowns

They also used as:

  • glass drill bits
  • diamond drill bits
  • jewelry drill bits
  • engraving bits
  • carving bits


B&D Technologies have all range of high-quality diamond instruments for all dental applications. Basically, our diamond bur consist of a stainless steel shank coated with pure selected diamond grains. Our advanced technology guarantees an extremely homogeneous, very durable diamond coating. We have up to five different grain size. All burs with an excellent price/performance ratio.