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Arkansas Stone

FL2-Fw FG Standard Flame head 2.8mm Fine Arkansas Stone

Color: White Grit: Fine Shape: Flame (other shape types: round/ cone etc.) Shank Diameter(mm): 1.6 Cutting Length(mm): 6.8 Material: Aluminum Oxi..

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Arkansas stone/ Dental White Polishing Stones for Fine Polishing of Composites

Arkansas Stones is also called Arkansas Sharpening Stones or Arkansas Whetstones


1. Available In different sizes and different shapes: round, flame, cylinder, inverted, tapered and conical.

2. FG Standard shank diameter 1.6mm, RA/CA Standard shank diameter 2.35mm.

3. Stone Color: White.

4. The Arkansas Stone Dental Burs are hard, fatigue resistant, and can be used for a long time without any damage. The burs are economical and convenient to use in dental laboratory procedures.

5. Arkansas Stones are a natural sharpening stone mined only in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. They are quarried by blasting and the use of diamond saws. They are then cut into rectangular shaped whetstones to be used for sharpening knives and tools.

6. Material: Arkansas stones are made of Novaculite. Novaculite is a rock that is made of quartz crystals. Quartz is a mineral made of the compound Silicon Dioxide.

7.Arkansas stones come in four grades: Soft, Hard, Black and Translucent.

8.You can see the full article here - Arkansas Sharpening Stone Grits

Soft Arkansas Stone Grit - 1200 | Specific Gravity 2.22 | 12 micron | .00047"

Hard Arkansas Stone Grit - 1500 | Specific Gravity 2.36 | 10-11 micron | .00041"

Black Arkansas Stone Grit - 2300-2500 | Specific Gravity 2.55 | 7-7.5 micron | .00028"

Translucent Arkansas Grit - 3500-4000 | Specific Gravity 2.53 | 5.5-6 micron | .00023"

9. Arkansas stones are aluminum oxide stones, used by dentists for an ultra-fine finish of composites, without damaging the enamel.

10. The white point-shaped Arkansas Stone is the traditional abrasive used to finish the occlusion anatomy of composite restorations. Requires a friction grip type or right angle latch attachment – do not use at high speed.


1. The stone is a high-quality fine-grain aluminum oxide abrasive stone with a ceramic binder.

2. It is an Arkansas white stone bur that is ideal for smoothing and polishing sharp, shallow edges of a resin restoration.

3. They are suitable for a fast and precise, excellent finish.

4. They are ideal for fine contouring and finishing of enamels, composites, compomers, and porcelains.

5. Arkansas Stones can be used with either oil or water, but a mineral oil is the best choice in most circumstances.

6. It is applied in the dental clinic to smooth, polish, and contour resin restorations.

7. Extra fine abrasives for smooth finishing and polishing of composite fillers, fillings and composite composites.

8. They are used for finest grinding and polishing of filling materials, including all composite filling material.

Addition: What is a Soft Arkansas stone used for?

The Soft Arkansas is an all-purpose stone suitable for repairing damaged edges and for establishing an edge on neglected knives and tools. Soft Arkansas stones typically have a marbled look. They come in a variety of colors and are usually off-white with grey or orange mixed in.