dental x-ray sensor

Use: A smaller version of CT, mainly used for clinic dental photography. Features: HD / radiation almost zero / compact / simple operation combined with dental sensor using more efficient technical parameters:

dental x-ray sensor for wholesale

HD X-ray machine

Use: A smaller version of CT, mainly used for clinic dental photography. Features: HD / radiation almost zero / compact/simple operation combined with the dental sensor using more efficient technical parameters:

1) Power supply 24V2600MA, charger 16.8V800MA220V/110V50HZ 2) ball tube current 1MA 3) frequency 30 kHz

4) exposure time 0.1-1.8 seconds continuously adjustable 5) radiation leakage <20 guy / h 6) rated power 60W 7) focal skin> 20cm 8) arena voltage 65KV 9) relative humidity <80%10) ambient temperature 5-40 degrees 11) gross weight 2kg

dental sensor for wholesale

Product Overview:

At present, the oral dental sensor with high-cost performance on the market has applied the photon counting X-ray detector technology in the field for the first time in dental imaging, which improves the product performance and reduces the price of the product. Diversified design to meet poor clinical needs; PC and wireless mobile software to facilitate doctors to reading on mobile phones, tablets, and patients

Feed information to create a productive diagnosis and treatment environment for doctors and patients.


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