advantages of sintered diamond burs over electroplated burs

advantages of sintered diamond burs over electroplated burs

In the battle of diamond dental burs, sintered burs are the reigning champs over electroplated competitors when it comes to durability, longevity, and precision. Let’s examine the tale of the tape and see how sintered burs score a TKO.

"In my experience, sintered burs easily outlast electroplated burs by a factor of 2-3x," notes Dr. Amanda Lee, dentist.

 1: Durability

Sintered burs come out swinging with exceptional durability. Diamond particles fused throughout the metal give them fracture toughness up to 50% higher than electroplated. Flimsy surface diamonds make electroplated burs prone to dangerous chipping and cracks.

2: Longevity

TKO! Sintered burs go all 12 rounds maintaining sharpness and strength. Electroplated burs get dull after a few months in the ring. Statistically, sintered burs drill over 100 molar crowns before significant wear - 2-3x more than electroplated.

 3: Precision

Another precision punch by sintered burs! Uniformly distributed diamonds enable intricate shapes and smooth performance. Electroplated inconsistencies cause uneven cutting. Sintered burs maintain sharpness for detail work.

The champion is clear - sintered burs claim the diamond bur title with superior durability, longevity, and precision. Electroplating has improved but still doesn’t go the distance. For best results, choose sintered!