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What’s the Felt Bobs?

Both in dentistry and the laboratory, rubber silicone polishers and diamond polishers can be employed. Today, however, we will discuss the polishing tool that is utilized in the lab. What we called is Felt Bob & Burs.

This blog may be of assistance if you happen to need to use it and want to learn more about it.

To begin, the Felt Bobs & Burs material

They are composed of wool and are classified as hard wool or soft wool depending on thickness.


And according to head shapes, there is Cylinder, Bullet, cone, ball, and wheel.

So, first, how to choose suitable felt bobs?

If you choose a hard felt wheel, it is better to utilize it on flat surfaces or in applications where it is necessary to contour the wheel to the configuration of the piece part.

The soft wool wheel, on the other hand, is typically utilized for circular surfaces and particular applications that require low pressure and cutting action.

Similarly, you can also select the shape of felt bobs based on the surface you want to polish.

Second, after knowing the basic structure, another question is: What’s the Felt Bobs?

The short answer is that it is a polishing tool used in many industries.

For example, they're ideal for grinding and polishing medical equipment, or for polishing the Mould tool -Because Mould tools and dies used for plastic injection require a very high finish. And you will find that felt is mostly used for lapping and polishing with diamond compounds.

In addition, it can polish precious metals in the Jewelry business, including gold silver, platinum, and palladium. Jewelers usually require smaller felts on a 2.35mm spindle with fine compounds.

They're usually used for polishing metal, although they can also be used on glass if necessary.

Third, Felt Bobs’ s Characteristics

1. The items can be cleaner and brighter after the grinding and polishing method.

2. They are available in a variety of shank and head sizes.

3. They can be used with rotary tools. Such as handpiece, micromotor, pendant, drill, flexible shaft machine, or simple Drill.

Finally, how to store them?

At the end of your buffing and polishing, allow the felt bobs to continue to spin for several minutes so any remaining polishing compound residue can spit out. Then let the felt bobs air dry before storing them to prevent molds.