beginner's guide to using nail drill bits

beginner's guide to using nail drill bits

Get Drilling! A Beginner's Guide to Conquering Nail Drill Bits   

Want to add drill bits to your nail styling arsenal but don't know where to start? We've got you covered with this beginner's guide to get you comfortably drilling like a pro. 

Safety first! Wear a mask to avoid breathing in nail dust. Use the right speed to avoid excess heatstart low and increase as needed. Disinfect bits after each use to prevent spreading infections.

Now let's talk technique. Hold the drill at a 45 degree angle to avoid gouging the nail plate. Gently feather the bit over the nail, don't apply too much pressure. Use a light touch and let the bit do the work.


Work from cuticle to free edge and drill in one direction. This helps avoid weakening the nail. Shape and refine the tip before addressing the rest of the nail. 

Maintenance matters. Clean bits regularly with a stiff brush and disinfectant. Store them safely in a case to prevent damage. Replace bits that become worn, cracked, or lose performance. 

The right bit shapes help create specific nail shapes. Bullet and cone bits work for squoval or square shapes. Barrel bits help make round nails. Flame bits craft the perfect almond nails.   

It takes practice, so drill on artificial nails until you perfect control and technique before attempting on real clients. Patience and persistence will pay off with pretty nails!


Follow these tips and you'll be drilling like a pro in no time. Soon you'll be shaping, sculpting, and styling fierce nail sets with the confidence of an expert. Happy drilling!