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Current Decor Trends in Dental Cabinetry

It's out with the old and in with the new when it comes to dental cabinetry aesthetics. Today's cabinets are stepping out of the sterile, clinical atmosphere and into chic, welcoming designs. Lets explore some of the latest decor elements to give your dental office an updated, stylish look.



Punchy Paint Colors:

Bold, vibrant cabinet colors provide an energizing modern look. Warm red hues create an inviting vibe, while ocean blues or greens conjure a relaxing spa aesthetic.

Natural Wood Finishes:

The natural beauty of wood grain never goes out of style. Rich walnut or blonde maple cabinets add organic texture with durability. 

Matte Metallics:

Brushed nickel and matte grey finishes on handles and hardware lend an elegant, professional feel. Avoid reflective surfaces to limit harsh glare.


Glass Act :

Frameless glass cabinet doors maintain visibility while protecting contents. Illuminated cabinets allow displayed items to catch the eye. 

Get Curvy :

Arched doors, recessed panels, or curved edges break up straight cabinet lines. Soft, rounded shapes feel more fluid and contemporary.

Mix and Match :

Vary cabinet styles, colors, and finishes throughout the office space. The eclectic look is inviting and chic when thoughtfully blended.



With an array of colors, finishes, hardware, and design elements to choose from, todays dental cabinets make it easy to create a stylish office with character. And don't forget - form meets function, so be sure your trendy new cabinets maintain optimal dental workflow too.