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Dental Sandblaster Buyer’s Guide

So you’re looking to add a dental sandblaster to your oral arsenal to zap away stains? With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to decide which model is right for your office and budget. 

Consider this your trusty buying guide for picking the perfect dental sandblasting machine to keep teeth looking pearly white!



Particle Power

First, determine the abrasive that packs the right stain-fighting punch for your needs. Sodium bicarbonate provides gentle cleaning for sensitive areas. Aluminum oxide has more aggressive scrubbing power for tougher stains. Some units allow you to alternate between the two. Test drive models with your go-to abrasive to assess their cleaning power.

Tip of the Tip

The sandblaster tip focalizes and directs the particle stream, so its size and shape affects treatment precision. Larger diameters work well for covering general surface areas while smaller tips allow for finessed detail work. Opt for interchangeable tips so you can switch it up as needed. And be sure the tips have a comfortable grip for maneuverability.

Suction That Sucks

A dental sandblaster is only as good as its sucking power. Inspect the suction capabilities to ensure it slurps away debris efficiently so particles don’t float around the mouth. Canister or filter systems collect waste to keep the mouth clean and visibility high during treatment. Bonus points if filters are easily removable for quick cleaning.

Pressurized Performance

Pay attention to the air pressure capacity. Too little, and you won’t get sufficient abrasive velocity. Too much can risk enamel damage. Look for adjustable psi to customize cleaning power. Also consider noise level so you avoid sound blasts that startle patients.

With the right sandblaster matched to your priorities and patients’ needs, you’ll have the perfect polish power tool to remove stains gently and effectively, leaving smiles brighter. Put these buying tips to use and you’ll be ready to make teeth shine!