who will use diamond burs?

who will use diamond burs?

What is the diamond bur?

Before we need to know about the diamond bur, we can study each element of the diamond bur. Diamond Burs have different shapes, sizes of diameter and length, grits for various purpose.

Diamond bur can be divided into three parts, the stainless steel head, the diamond powder coated on the head and the stainless steel shank. The diamond is one of the hardest known materials existing. So the diamond grit on the bur can polish and grind different surface of the material.

The shape and size of the head and the grit(diamond powder) will decide the usage and purpose of the bur. The diameter of the shank will decide which machine to equip with. The frequently used shank diameters are 1.6 mm, 2.35 mm, 3 mm, 6 mm etc.


What are diamond bur used for?

Diamond burs can be used in different occasions. Such as the dental and lab use. Or use as rotary tool to grind and polish the metal, ceramics, woodworking, jewelry, stone etc. material.