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How to Use Felt Bobs for Dremel Rotary Tool?

People may always choose what they need and prefer based on the functions or shapes of the various polishing accessories, which are offered in many industries. For example, the buffing wheel and polishing pads. However, there is an additional polishing tool known as the Felt Bobs. They can be used to polish difficult or small areas that a buffing wheel or pad cannot access.

Here, we will discuss certain aspects of Felt Bobs that are encountered frequently in the workplace, to answer most inquiries.

What exactly are the Felt Bobs?

Mounted Felt Bobs are utilized for metal polishing. After applying a compound to the felt, a mirror-like surface can be produced on all metals by either cutting or polishing. Felt bobs are available on many spindles and in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the application and instruments employed.

Why are felt bobs used for polishing?

Felt polishing wheels and bobs are superior to other materials in their capacity to accept various polishing compounds and slurry. And felt balls are comprised of wool. Sheep wool is regarded as one of the most robust natural fibers since it retains its edge and form throughout its lifetime.

Since the surface of felt does not become glazed, the polishing chemical used on new felt surfaces is comparable.

When the felt surface wears away, a new surface forms and retains the polishing compound so that the polishing process can continue. The surface of the felt is not glazed.

Then, how should felt bob be utilized on a Dremel wheel?

We are aware that felt Bobs wheel can be used to polish metal, plastic, porcelain, and glass.

we will describe how the felt Bobs works with Dremel. Following the procedures:

1. Prepare mandrel, felt polishing wheel, and compound, as well as the Dremel tool.

2. One side of the felt wheel has a pre-drilled or pre-poked hole, so the mandrel may simply be twisted into the hole. Ensure that the mandrel is not protruding from the top.

3. Install the felt wheel onto the Dremel machine. Open the Dremel, insert the bur completely, and tighten it by hand as much as possible. Then, take the wrench tool while holding down the lock button.

4. Apply the polishing compound to the area to be polished and massage it in.

5. Using the tool with the felt polishing wheel, begin to remove dust and other debris. Please ensure that you have read the operating and safety instructions before beginning your project.

6. Select the recommended rpm speed for the Dremel, and then polish using the felt wheel.

How should the felt bobs and wheels be stored once the project is complete?

Allow the felt wheel to continue spinning for several minutes after buffing and polishing are complete so that any remaining polishing compound residue can spit out. Allow the felt wheel to air dry before storing it to prevent mold growth.