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Proper Maintenance and Care for Your Sandblaster

Your trusty dental sandblaster works hard to keep teeth sparkling clean, but are you giving it the care and affection it deserves? 

Like any piece of equipment, your sandblaster needs regular upkeep and attention to keep performing at its best. Follow these pro tips to keep your sandblaster happy and efficient for years to come!


The Daily Sandblaster Spa Treatment

After each day of blasting away stubborn stains, your sandblaster nozzle deserves a little pampering. Give it a thorough cleansing with the manufacturer recommended cleaner and some TLC. Remove any debris, rinse thoroughly, and let it air dry. Going to bed with a clean nozzle prevents buildup and clogs, so your sandblaster wakes up refreshed and ready for action!

Deep Cleansing Facial Treatments

The tubes and hoses that transport the abrasive particles also require occasional facials to prevent acne breakouts (aka clogs)! Inspect them regularly for any blemishes like cracks or obstructions. A clogged complexion can negatively affect performance. Consider scheduling a rejuvenating parts replacement if they're showing significant signs of aging.


Maintain a Balanced Diet

Your sandblaster needs a balanced intake of distilled water and abrasive particles. Hard water leaves behind mineral deposits that can clog its system. Make sure it stays hydrated with filtered water to flush away debris. Monitoring the particle flow calibration ensures it's consuming just the right amount of abrasives. Too many particulates can overwhelm the tubes!

Detoxifying Treatments

It's important to rid your sandblaster of any built-up toxins. Perform regular purge cycles to flush out any hidden gunk and dry out the lines. Change dust collector filters often to maintain powerful suction capacity. Filters loaded with waste debris make your poor machine work extra hard!

With some regular maintenance love, your sandblaster will operate optimally and give your patients' smiles a thorough deep cleaning. Show it you care, and it will keep blasting those pearly whites beautifully for years on end!