the latest trends in nail drill bit shapes

the latest trends in nail drill bit shapes

Nail drill bits are getting a makeover!

Forget the basicstoday's bits are engineered for creativity and customized nail shaping. Let's look at some of the hottest drill bit trends that help you go beyond the basics and craft trendsetting nails.


Cylinder and barrel shaped bits remain popular for their precision in filing square or round nail shapes. But new quad and octagon shaped bits create angular, edgy nails that pop for a mod manicure. 

Fan-shaped bits arent just for pretty edges. Reverse them to flatten nails for a modern, blunted look. Or use the fan shape to create cool chevron nail art. 

The classic flame bit has expanded into new tapered bit designs. Pointed and spear-shaped bits craft an extreme coffin or stiletto nail style. experiment with other tapered looks like knives, arrows, and spikes for on-trend gothic nails.


For natural nails, seek bits with a center core that leaves a little length at the nail bed. And buffer-integrated bits smooth nails in one easy step. Bits of all grits now come in cute shapes too! 

It's an exciting time in drill bit innovation. With the variety available today, you can drill your way to any nail shape and style you desire. Browse the novel bit trends and choose tools that shape up gorgeous, head-turning nails!