the polishing process of a metal ring

the polishing process of a metal ring

Gold rings have been a popular accessory from ancient times to the present. The tough and precious gold ring is pure and gorgeous, is the perfect carrier of eternal love, only with this pair of pure ring, the two lovers together, is a symbol of the loyalty of love, the perfect witness of loyal love.

Then let us learn how to polish a metal ring.

1.First of all, the rough toss. Rough polishing is to throw away the file marks, pliers marks, drill marks, burrs and the black oxide layer left by welding on the surface of the jewelry metal bracket, and try to make the jewelry metal bracket smooth, coordinated, smooth arc and smooth lines.

2.Then start the polishing motor, rotate the polishing brush (bristle brush) by the rotation force of the motor shaft, and apply the rough cleaning agent - green wax block (containing chromium oxide) on the brush after the brush is tightened, and the brush can be polished.

3.If polishing the inlaid ring, the inner ring of the ring should be polished with a velvet rod. Choose a suitable velvet rod according to your needs. Before polishing, you must apply green polishing wax to the velvet core of the ring. When throwing, pay attention to the contact surface between the mandrel and ring, that is, the ring can not be set into the mandrel too deep.

4.Rough polishing should pay attention to the brush and cloth wheel wax, but a waxing can not be applied too much, in order to avoid polishing wax after friction heat melt it covered on the surface of the jewelry, and cover the jewelry surface of various traces and dots, which will affect the quality of rough polishing jewelry, and bring difficulties to fine polishing, and even lead to rough polishing again.

5.Any jewelry must be finely polished after rough polishing, so as to make the surface of metal jewelry more smooth. Fine polishing is further fine polishing on the basis of rough and medium polishing, so that the surface of the jewelry is more flat and smooth, to achieve the effect of mirror reflection. But its polishing friction contact surface is small, polishing not only the force should be small and uniform, the surface of the jewelry must be completely polished again, the specific method is to use a fine white cloth wheel with red polishing wax, polishing the front of the jewelry, and then polishing the side of the jewelry, the corner.

The jewelry is polished three times, rough polishing, medium polishing and fine polishing. It should be said that the surface of the jewelry can reach the degree of smooth as a mirror. But sometimes because the grinding is too rough, there are still large file marks and wipe marks on the surface of the jewelry. It's very difficult to remove it through a polishing procedure. In addition, in the polishing process, the pitting spots under the surface of the jewelry will be polished out, which not only affects the finish of the jewelry but also the quality of the jewelry. If the situation occurs, it must be trimmed. The trace file marks on the jewelry should be polished again with the lifting grinder and the sandpaper.